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    “When Jesus came by, he looked up at Zacchaeus and called him by name. “Zacchaeus!” he said. “Quick, come down! I must be a guest in your home today.” Luke 19:5
    Our vision is to see the youth as Jesus sees, to love as Jesus loves, and to do as Jesus does so that each one may have a personal encounter and relationship with Jesus Christ.
    • to raise up young disciples who will:
      • Read the Word deeply & actively
      • Pray to God boldly & faithfully
      • Obey Christ simply & sincerely

    Weekly Schedule
    Weekly Schedule Monday - Friday @ 6:30AM
    Monday - Friday @ 6:30AM @7:30PM
    Sunday Service @11:30AM
    Bible Study Sundays @2-3:30PM, beginning Nov 1


      • Bachelors of Architecture, Rice University 2017
      • Engineering Ministries International, Nicaragua 2017
      • Field of Grace Mission, Mexico, 2018-2019
      • Favorite Food: Fried Chicken & Tacos

      “I believe that no one is too young to meet God and no vessel too weak to be used by God. I hope that my ceiling becomes their floor as they encounter Christ in their youth and build the foundations of their faith”

    Meet our staff
    • NATHAN SUH (19)
      • Junior High Boys Leader
      • Business Administration @ USC with minor in applied analytics
      • Favorite Food: Sushi

      “I love youth because I believe that God can move so powerfully in the youth nd impart so much of himself to kids at a young age. It is a blessing to take part and help serve the youth kids.”

    • KAREN KIM (20)
      • Junior High Girls Leader
      • Communication Sciences & Disorders @ Biola University
      • Favorite Food: Chicken

      “I love youth because it’s fun to do life with these students & an honor to witness God’s plan for them unfold! Thank you parents for always praying for & supporting the youth!”

    • MICHAEL TAN (21)
      • High School Boys Leader
      • Philosophy and Political Science @UCLA
      • Favorite Food: Rice with Sauce

      “Having God as my anchor has grounded me for many seasons, giving me a confidence and a boldness that cannot be found anywhere on this earth.
      I’m excited to walk alongside the youth in their growing intimacy with Him and reliance on Him...I can’t help but to have the grace given to me overflow and share the good news.”

    • PETER PYO (20)
      • High School Boys Leader
      • Business Major @ CSUF
      • Favorite Food: Korean BBQ

      “Us youth staff truly appreciate all of your support for the ministry and the students!”

      • High School Girls Leader
      • UCLA ‘20; SMC; Work: Anemone Swim
      • Favorite Food: Ramen

      “I love youth because there is such a pure love for God within them. I strongly believe that God can use the youth and is building them up to be the next generation of leaders”